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Brick Restoration and Repairs



Cracks in brick, stone, and stucco are often the result of foundation problems, but may also be caused by deterioration, settlement, design flaw, or a combination of these factors. Left untreated, masonry cracks can lead to further damage from structural instability and water leaking. Simply refilling cracks leaves a noticeable scar and does not bond well with the surrounding area resulting in the cracks reappearing.


Our exclusive Chameleon Compound is a patented synthetic product that has tested superior to traditional materials in masonry crack repair. At the hands of a skilled technician Chameleon is expertly mixed for a custom color and texture match. The specially formulated acrylic fuses with the existing material and offers the additional properties of flexibility and expandability critical to achieving a lasting repair as the structure continues normal movement & settling. Chameleon, as its name suggests, can be applied to any masonry surface - brick, mortar, stucco, etc. - and leaves the repair virtually undetectable!

Structural Damage

Masonry structures are routinely damaged by vehicles, severe storms, and construction accidents. This damage may be purely cosmetic, or may affect the integrity of the structure.


Our mason teams will restore the beauty and integrity of the structure. Whether we salvage the damaged brick, find the brick though our extensive supply chain, or recreate it ourselves, we guarantee the results will match so that the repair is virtually undetectable.



Brick chimneys and walls are particularly susceptible to this malady. Left untreated, leaks cause extensive damage to interiors and can lead to other problems such as mold.


Whether the leak is occurring through the chimney, wall or window we can find the right solution to prevent further damage. Sealing cracks, installing flashing, and applying water repellant are some of the solutions available.


Masonry surfaces are porous, making stains a persistent problem. Causes of staining include accidental spills, paint over-spray, chemical reactions, or environmental conditions such as water saturation, mold, and mildew.


There are many ways to tackle unwanted stains on masonry surfaces. The best solution may be pressure washing, redecorating the stained area, applying a chemical cleaner or a combination of these. Whatever the solution, we'll evaluate the effects of cleaning the stain on the entire area so you won't be left with a mismatched, albeit clean, section of the property.

Unsecured Walls

Brick veneer walls can break free from the ties designed to secure them. This problem is often associated with severe foundation movement, but can result from other causes. Left unsecured, these walls eventually become unstable, peel away from the building and collapse.


Our exclusive wall fastening system is the answer. Our restoration teams can install fasteners to secure virtually any veneer wall regardless of size or type. Taking care of this problem before it becomes severe will save you countless rebuilding dollars, and the liability problems of a collapsed wall.

Chimney Problems

Chimneys and fireplaces develop a variety of problems caused by environmental factors, age and use. Outdoors, chimneys are prone to leaking, staining, and leaning. Inside, the firebox is susceptible to mortar loss and collapse.


Chimneys can be restored just like any other masonry surface. Additionally we are experts in demolishing chimneys followed by rebuilding or sealing-off the area if you no longer desire a chimney. We can also expertly repair or remove fireplaces and fire boxes.

Concrete Damage

Concrete driveways and walkways receive a lot of abuse from ground settlement, tree roots, and vehicular traffic. Damage to these surfaces is not only unattractive, but a significant safety hazard.


Since large slabs of concrete break at some areas and not others, we can saw-cut damaged areas and repair only those areas - saving you money. Sometimes the repair calls for expansion joints to help prevent future or further deterioration. Whatever the damage we can restore driveways, sidewalks, and curbs making them safe and attractive once again.






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